Friday, March 23, 2007

Welcome MSNers!

I just received word that my story is receiving top billing at the MSN site.

Classics Never Die

If you liked that, check out Wednesday's blog entry for my personal videogame playing history.

And please, newbies. Spend some time here on Adam's Life. Check out some totally cool things to do with your cell phone. Or read an emotional, heartfelt appeal for environmental stewardship by guest blogger Jose. Or just type in a word in the search box at the top of the page to see if i wrote anything clever/brilliant about it. Chances are, I haven't. But you might get lucky and be mildly entertained before returning to the blogs people actually read.


Thend said...

I liked your article. It's a great subject to revisit, loads of memories and fans out there of the classics, like myself. Thanks for the nostalgic spotlight. ;)

One thing, though, why didn't you include GAMETAP's online service along with the rest of the resources out there for getting older games? I just mean, like, they have over 800 games (arcade, console, PC, etc), plus new and original stuff like animation, SAM & MAX, and the online world and community of MYST ONLINE: URU LIVE - seemed like a strange omission, considering how progressively accessible the massive amount of stuff GT provides is.

Adam said...

You're right, GameTap is a very popular place for hundreds of classic games. I didn't include it because the article was more focused on consoles, as opposed to playing games on a PC. I could have also talked about emulators. But since I couldn't go too long in a web article, I had to narrow the focus. Thanks for your comments!

Jason said...

Nice Article. :)

You should also check out some of the work being done with emulators.
There are people out there building their own custom arcade cabinets running emulators like MAME which can run thousands of classic arcade games in a single game cabinet, or on your own PC. In addition there are emulators for most game consoles as well.

Check out the examples section at:

Again, great article.

steelcuda said...

Excellent article and congrats on the MSN Front page link. That's actually where I read it from (MSN Today). I grew up with Intellivision and Nintendo so it was cool one night when a friend brought out the Intellivision Lives! disk for the PS2. I had vivid flashbacks of Tron Deadly Disks, Nightstalker, Poker! and Dungeons and Dragons. Crazy times...crazy times.

Anonymous said...

LittlePinkMouse said, How about informing us first timers where we can get a working console? I would really like to get Q-bert, Pac Man, and Mrs. Pac, as well as centipede,frogger and asteroids, but need a console that will play them.

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