Friday, August 18, 2006

Jews On First?

While I don't like the Red Sox, I do like Denis Leary (from FX's Rescue Me) and Jewish ballplayers. I wish all baseball games could have commentary like this.

In other news, Jon Benet's killer confessed! Gee, I guess all those people who blamed the parents (including the now-deceased mother) are apologizing. Aren't they?

And in Lebanon, some arabs are going crazy because some Lebanese soldiers were videotaped having tea with Israeli soldiers. Isn't this just a... tempest in a teapot? haha. oh, adam.... so witty!

Apparently, the general who gave tea to the Israelis was arrested. Glad to know the Lebanese government is so committed to the peace process.
End of Sploid?

I was sick for the past two days, so I missed the death of Sploid, a Drudge-style news site I checked daily. The sad tale of their demise is here. A brief eulogy is here. And an incoherent thank you to those involved with the site is here.

I'm a bit upset, because I'll miss their entertaining headlines, hysterically odd photos and sarcastic spin on news stories. Goodbye Sploid, I'll remove you from my links in due time!

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