Friday, April 02, 2010

These Girls Have Totally Stolen My Shtick!

Hey! I thought of an all-Jew fantasy baseball team first!!! But yeah, I'm not a hot chick, so while they go viral and land on Deadspin, I get one visit from a random internet surfer looking up "my little pony baggy pants porn." I mean, these chicks aren't even digging deeper than Jason Marquis. Come on!

After a flurry of trades, I'm one Jewish-sounding player away from having a full team. Unfortunately, the owner of that last player appears to be asleep at the wheel, as he's ignored my insanely generous one-sided offers.

Maybe he's an anti-Semite.
Ticklish Rats

Well, it beats running them through mazes.

Lost Idea

Haven't seen this weeks episode yet, but what if glasses tiny fey looking girl is Annie. You know, ben's chick. When he was young. She gave him a doll she made. I think it's possible.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Congrats Newark!!!

...on recording its first homicide-free month in over 40 years!!!!

Congratulations! Let's Celebrate!

Wait a minute... is this an April Fools?

Let's hear what Newarkians on have to say:
"There have been shootings as we have read here in the last month. And people have died from them. They just don't count them as homicides."

"The simple reason for this is because it freaking rained the whole damned month & it kept everyone inside, including the killers."

"Enjoy it now because summer is right around the corner..."

What a bunch of Debbie Downers! And, then, um, there's this...
I don't understand till the day why is that people talk so bad about Newark -- it either have to be hate or Ignorance or maybe a combination of both

Those who knows me i hang all over and Newark Since the age of 15 is one of those Places .

Any recall the Good Old Days shopping at Woolworth? (lol) Boy a girl alone from the "Good Places" always went there to check in Newark X-D for Stores and walk -- Back then People still use to talk bad about Newark .

Now days I may be Ugly and fat ;C X-D but certainly at 15 till 30's i was Just Another Good Looking Chick :) (lol) I cant say in my entire Life that in Newark I got Miss respect in any way shape or form -- remember i was 15 years Old and walking just alone . * wink

Time pass by years pass by and for several reasons i end up back in Newark working and Enjoying the place --- Honestly I don't understand what is wrong with people back then and with People today .

One of the Places i use to Enjoy the most and since i had experience those days Myself I question and Question Why is that People talk about so bad about it All i see here Is a tremendous and Envious time If any ask me -- Boy i was Envious :) I was there watching but i wanted to be there Lol

Any of you from Real Newark recall those Great Days at the Park by the Post Office the weehaken park Cant Spell the name of the park by it have part with 22 Huge Park run by the Sheriff

Those Days i use to hang out there and for those Curious Yes still alone No b/f or g/f there not selling of my A ---- was pure working reasons -- Selling ice cream on a ice cream truck .

Those days all i saw was families after families with Kids having and Enjoying a great time from small families Bar B ques to the HUge Big Barb Q from the younger Generation Back then and all the Dancing .. Not one got hurt Dint heard one F word Not one cop arresting anyone ,, not a guy in a corner trying to lay Smart A -- looking at any Girls ---- Wall all Pure Clean Enjoyment .

I wasn't there passing by for just a few mnts and run away like many of you would only had done i was there from 7 - 8 am till 7 - 8 pm . Several days a week .

Kids dint had to run or walk with the parents by a leach like we see many times all over .. -- I still don't understand why many say
it was bad then and still bad now .

Is true that all have change but not Only Newark .. I see many Girls
Each day walking in Newark alone from all sort of races -- Cant be that "bad"

Visiting the Banks in Newark is even a total Pleasure when comparing to some i seen from "Good High Class Neighbors i seen ar0und ( lol) Boy I know many will think I'm nuts but -- I dont care

Base on all the Negative news not in a million years never was any to tell me that Newark had a lot of More Friendly Environment and Professionalism in a Bank then any of the so call " Good and Friendly Towns "

From a Friendly Helpful Security and Door Bell Man to tellers that were like sweet and Professionals

If Newark was all "that bad" it will be today a Ghost town .
You said it! I think... Did anyone get all that?

Maybe now that they've got crime under control, they can, you know, focus on education.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

South Hadley Actions May Cause More Suicide

The town of South Hadley, Massachusetts made headlines this week when 9 students were charged in connection with bullying Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old student who committed suicide. Supporters of the charges believe they're discouraging the type of bullying that allegedly led to Prince's suicide. They believe that by punishing the bullies with harsh consequences, there will be less of a chance for other Phoebe Princes in the future.

They're wrong.

What message is really being sent here? For other girls and boys who are bullied mercilessly, they learn that suicide can be a great way to finally teach the bullies a lesson. Not content with their tormentors being sent to the principal's office, they may see suicide as a heroic act, a way to assure that the bad guys really, really regret ever being mean to them.

The truth is, bullies will always exist. How do I know this? Well, how about the fact that even as adults, we still encounter bullies. If years of social conditioning and education can't eliminate bullies from our midst, punishing a few students isn't going to end it either. It's a fact of life, as painful as it is.

I was bullied in middle school. Pretty badly. There were times when I myself considered ending it all. Cause as a kid, you think that's the only way to end it. You don't realize that life is long and the world is big, and the bullies are a very very tiny part of that. You don't realize that it really doesn't matter what some kid who ate his boogers a few years ago thinks about you. I wish that's the message that the people of South Hadley tried to send to kids. It's a much more worthwhile one.

I can tell you that from my own experience, my thoughts of suicide were not only driven by sadness or feelings that I was worthless. They were driven by the thought that, "They'll be sorry when I'm gone." Everyone knows that suicide causes pain for the people who survive around them. Everyone knows that people who commit suicide often become the talk of the town, with heartfelt memorials and a bunch of people questioning, "What could we have done differently?" We often hear of suicide as a way to "end the pain," but to my young mind, and I'm guessing, in the minds of many other troubled youth, suicide is also an act of revenge. It's a way to take control of other people's emotions, to take control of a situation you feel no control over. We often hear that suicide attempts are meant to get attention... and when you feel that all your complaints about bullies and the pain they've caused you have been belittled or dismissed, following through on an act of suicide becomes a logical way to punish the people who you feel have ignored you.

This, I fear, is the message the South Hadley prosecutions send. That suicide is a legitimate way to not only end the pain, but punish your tormentors and the people who just didn't listen. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were bullied too, and they committed suicide also. Do we hold the kids who bullied them responsible for the shootings at Columbine? Of course we don't.

Violence, towards oneself or others, is a decision made by the person who carries it out. Phoebe Prince was in pain, and the people who made her life painful are terrible, horrible, despicable people. But they didn't kill her. Phoebe Prince did. As painful as that may be to admit for the people who loved and cared about her. Punishing the bullies won't bring her back. And it won't end bullying. But it might just encourage some other tortured kid somewhere else to view suicide as a legitimate method of revenge.

And that would be an even bigger tragedy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Lost-over!

The inspiration for this post came from Conan O'Brien. "If you have Passover on an overpass, you go back in time!"

Funny, but it got me thinking about this season of Lost, which follows a season in which multiple "plagues" and "sacrifices" led the Losties on an adventure through time and space. This season picked up where the previous left off, but presented us a mystifying paralell universe, which even the most crazy Lost theorists have yet to confidently attempt to figure out.

I think... No... Know I've figured it out.

Throughout this season, we've seen what Smokey/MIB/Fake Locke does when he wants someone to do something. Besides turning into smoke and killing them if they refuse. Like the banker in Deal or No Deal, he makes people an offer they'd be foolish to refuse. These offers have something in common: if accepted, that character's redemption, that character's path to making things right is cut short. They get what they want the cheap and easy way, a deal with the "devil," and they no longer have a need to reform the flaws and problems in themselves that caused their problems and presumably made Jacob bring them to the island in the first place.

The offers also have another thing in common. They go against the natural order of things. Cheating death. Cheating time.

Which leads me to this question. If Jack came face to face with Smokey, what would he wish?

We can assume Kate would wish to get off Scot free for her crimes, and go free. We can assume Hurley would wish... To be lucky after all the bad luck he had before (or maybe weight loss). Jack's wish doesn't immediately jump out, except for anyone paying attention last season.

Jack wants a do-over.

What if that's what we're seeing! A do-over! Jack and co weren't sent back to the plane in flight, but to the very beginning, "ab aterno.". They were sent back with a chance to live their whole lives over, and many made the same mistakes, some worse. Sawyer chose cop instead of criminal, but he still never sought counseling after his parents murder. Kate still tried to kill her father, but this time, accidentally killed someone else. Locke possibly never confronted his dad about the sham marriage con that led to him getting pushed out of a window and paralyzed. Everyone went back to the beginning, but, as the man in black theorized, they were all still prone to sin. They made different decisions here and then, but they didn't change themselves.

The sideways world has NOTHING to do with the bomb in the Swan shaft in 1977. That event happened exactly as it always did... Dharma called it "The Incident." And it led to all we saw the past five seasons.

I fear we're watching the results of Jack taking Smokey up on his offer. To give everyone a do-over. And if that's true, then in the "sideways world" the cork holding the evil back is most definitely broken (or, you know, sunk to the ocean floor). But not by the nuke. By Smokey upon his glorious exit.

The question left is: Without the island to spur these characters to their redemption, can any of them be saved? Can they change their lives without Jacob's help? Can they get to the promised land without ten plagues, the parting of the red sea, and other miracles leading the way?

I think we may find out.

Happy Pesach Everyone!

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