Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Break Out Of Your Cell
My Phone
My Cell's Name Is Desmond

Sorry inmates, this blog entry won't help you escape and put a shiv in the warden. But it will give you some informative, useful cell phone knowledge.

Five Fun Cell Phone Games That Won't Add To Your Cell Phone Bill

1. Play "Spin The Cell Phone"

Spinning Is Fun!

"Spin the Bottle" is so twentieth century. Sit in a circle, girls across from boys. Turn the shiny, rounded side of your cell phone face down, and give it a spin. Make out with the member of the opposite sex the phone points to. Yes, even if he or she is ugly. This works better if you're all drunk.

2. Cell Phone Toss

Tossing Your Cell

Like a game of horseshoes. Go to a field, jam a stick in the ground. Competitors stand far enough away to make it a challenge. Then, each person tosses their cell phone, trying to get it closest to the stick. Winner gets to add all other competitors' girlfriends to his "fave five."

3. Cell Phone Hockey

Cell Hockey!

Use a flat table. Players stand at the ends. A ping pong ball or small rubber boucy ball may be used. Each player uses their cell phone as a hockey stick, trying to knock the ball off the other end. Players cannot cross the halfway point on the table with their phone. This works even better with an old nok-hockey table or air hockey table. Loser must select Ace Of Base's "I Saw The Sign" or similar embarassing song as his/her ringtone for one week.

4. Cell Phone Hot Potato/Musical Chairs

Hot Celly

This one works best if your cell phone plays long ringtones or MP3s. Press play on a ringtone or MP3. For Hot Potato, pass the phone around. If the music stops while in your posession, you're out, and must send a flirty text message to the annoying girl/guy who won't leave you alone. For Musical Chairs, when the music stops, everyone must sit in a chair. If you're not in a chair, you're out, and your girlfriend/boyfriend dumps you for the winner.

5. Cell Phone Battle Royale

Finish It!!

Use a flat table with a smooth surface. At the same time, two (or more) players slide their phones at each other's phone. If you knock or stop your opponent's phone onto their side of the table, you get a point. If you knock their phone off the table, you get two points. If you miss their phone completely, you lose a point. Game ends after 10 rounds or when someone's phone breaks into little tiny unfixable pieces. Loser must refer to the winner as "Your Royal Highness" for one day.

Try these games and before long, you'll be forgetting what a cell phone is even for! Feel free to offer your own suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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Hunter's Sister said...

How about bobbing for cell phones? I know a lot of people who would love to have a use for their drunken night causalities.

Richie said...

Holy shit, cell-phone Nok-Hockey. Amazing, terrifiying flashback....I can still hear the bombs going of in DeNang and Poofuck! Big baby blue had my best friends head explode at Margaret-Cho!

And my cell-phone is doing 8-to-10 for trying to assasinate a Sidekick with a loaded Bluetooth

I hear a ringing in my ears...

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