Thursday, March 30, 2006


Live Video Feed From A Bald Eagle's Nest. No offense to Ben Franklin, but it would not be as interesting watching a turkey.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mommy, Why Is Daddy On The Roof??

Desperate Husband Goes On Strike
Take Two Every 6 Hours, You Bitch!

Some Walgreens customers were very upset when they found, on their drug store receipts, comments made about them that were stored in the pharmacy computer system.

Comments like "Crazy, "Psycho," "Bitch," and "Shady."

Now they're suing Walgreens for inflicting emotional distress.

This reminds me of the case of Parkhill's Waterfront Grill in New Jersey, where a waitress identified a couple with the monkier "Jew Couple" on their check. The restaurant has since been bought (ironically, by a Jewish real estate investor), and shut down. Not sure if a restaurant has replaced it yet (I haven't driven by there in a while.)

When are people going to learn not to identify people by appearances? Or at least have the brains not to reveal it to them?

PLUS: If All Else Fails... Blame Saddam (Instead of blaming the Bush Administration, which dismantled Iraq's infrastructure by forcibly removing all Sunni Muslims from jobs, and then gave those jobs to outside contractors who made their money and fled.. leaving Iraq in economic ruin.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ex-Clay Fans "Akien" To Get Some Money

Clay, Gay? Say It Aint So!

A group of 9 poorly-educated* ex-Clay Aiken fans have decided to sue Sony/BMG for false advertising. Apparently, Sony/BMG made people think Clay Aiken was straight, when, by many accounts, he's gay. I must have missed the CD promos that said "Come get Clay's new album!!! He's straight!!!"

Angry at the fact that Simon Cowell called them crazy, the nancy-pants nine (who do not want to reveal their names because they actually bought a Clay Aiken album) called Simon a "pretend judge." Apparently, the word "judge," in their estimation, only refers to the legal entity, and not judges of talent competitions, figure skating events, and chili cook-offs.

"This is part of a culture of institutional deception behind James Frye, Jason Blair, ENRON, Milli Vanilli, Ashley Simpson and now Clay Aiken. We believe that it is the difference between private behavior versus public responsibility."

For the record, ex-Aiken-fans, its James Frey and Jayson Blair. And the record companies had nothing to do with them. Or ENRON. (Although I hear Ken Lay did have a band called the Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eaters).

Now, suing the record companies for Ashley Simpson might actually be a case with merit. But Clay, nor any of the marketing supporting him ever said, "Hey America, this is one straight male." In fact, it was pretty obvious that Clay wasn't exactly the most manliest of men. Even Ryan Seacrest was a little uncomfortable pissing in the urinal next to him.

Ah lawsuit-happy world, with such people in it!

*based on a close reading of their mistake-ridden press release

PLUS: Is Kerry Allergic To Tomatoes? Maybe if the Kerry team spent more time on strategy and less time picking celery out of Kerry's tuna salad, he would have won the election.
How We Screwed Up Iraq

In Sum, We Gave Iraq to U.S. Corporations, Who Made Their Money By Crushing Local Merchants And Then Fled Iraq, Leaving Behind Economic Devastation. Anyone shocked?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Spam Free Since 3/24/06

Spam Free!!


Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and whitelisted so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Blogger Support
I'm happy Blogger has come to its senses and realized that this blog is not a processed meat-like food item. I'm not sure who Mr. Blogger Support is (sounds like a French name to me), but I'm glad he reviewed my blog and now I can go back to blogging about other stuff, which "Anonymous" pointed out, usually contains my feelings about Our Glorious Leader Who Should Never Be Questioned, George W. "God" Bush.

Now to interesting stuff I found:

$50,000 dollars at stake in "Rock Paper Scissors Tournament." I had no idea a World Rock Paper Scissors Society even existed. I guess I haven't been watching enough of ESPN 8, The Ocho.

Where can I catch the eenie meenie miney moe competition?

Toothpaste For Dinner The only cartoons drawn more badly than mine.

Weird. Celebrities with pimped out teeth. I'm not sure what AOL was thinking with this. Is this the kind of stuff they're using to promote their music service?

And finally, you know the war is going badly when... The Marines Recruit A 78-Year Old Woman

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