Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Dishonest Media Afraid of Trump's Unlimited Power

Robbie Republican 
By Robbie Republican

In my lifetime, I can't recall there ever being a clearer choice for President of the United States. In times like these, when everything we love is under assault from immigrants and Islamists, and the gays and commies are teaching our children about anal sex and the "sharing economy," are we so fallen as a people to consider handing our nuclear arsenal to a woman who, at best, hands out classified information like free samples at Costco, and, at worst, has murdered at least two people while laughing maniacally at rape victims?

It's especially baffling when you consider that the Republican nominee is Donald Trump, a successful  and respected businessman who has sacrificed so much for America and dedicated his life to building this country, brick by brick. But ever since he expressed a desire to stop murderers and rapists from treating this country like their own personal blood orgy, the liberal media has organized a coordinated campaign to tar and feather him. Republicans are used to being compared to Hitler... it's practically a libtard pastime. But this... I've never seen anything like this.

For example, Trump retweets an image, clearly depicting Hillary as being both a crook and a slave to Wall Street. The liberal media goes out of its way to say it's actually anti-semitic, because the person who made the image just happens to be a neo nazi and the star happens to look like a Jewish star. And when Trump explains that no, the image created by the neo nazi isn't anti-semitic, and the star is just a sherrif's star, the liberal media says he's lying.

Then, Trump is savagely, brutally, violently attacked by a Muslim extremist, and what does the liberal media do? They accuse Trump of being a bigot for gently pointing out gender inequalities in the Muslim world.

Trump reaches out to a young mother and her baby, and arranges for them to be escorted from his loud rally to a quieter room, presumably so the young mother can nurse and the baby can sleep? Suddenly, Trump hates babies.

This week? A new low. Trump points out that if 2nd Amendment supporters unite and use their political power against Hillary Clinton, she won't be able to steal our guns. What does the media report? That Trump ordered Hillary's assassination.

It's unreal. At this point, Trump could cure cancer and the liberal media would claim he put pharmaceutical companies out of business. And yes, Trump could cure cancer, believe me.

What is the media so afraid of? You'd think that because Trump once had a hit show on NBC, he'd be welcomed. But in fact, that's exactly the source of the media's fear.

You see, NBC cancelled Trump. They tried to silence his voice. If Trump wins the White House, he'll be on every television in America, 7 days a week. His voice will be impossible to silence. His presence will be everywhere. He cannot be ignored.

Just imagine. Trump's brilliance, his eloquence, his visage of Aryan beauty, on display in your home, at all times. Every moment of every day, filled with his wisdom, from 140 characters, to long, wide-ranging inspirational speeches on every topic under the sun. The liberals will be unable to turn him off, unable to shut him down. He will be where he belongs-- in your face, in mine. His voice will wake our children up in the morning and put them to sleep at night. There will never be a second when the values he represents and the policies he has so lovingly crafted will be far from our hearts and minds.

One State of the Union address a year? Ha! How about one a day?

Right now, the liberal media controls the message, but that will be impossible once Trump has the ear of the world. Impressed by him now? Just wait until he has the full backing of our military and financial might. He's proven he knows how to build an empire and keep it going, no matter what lies the media tell. NBC will rue the day they cancelled The Apprentice, but for Trump, that fateful turning point will be seen as the moment a great man became even greater. Why settle for one night a week, when this man... this god among men... can be our everyday beacon of hope?

Trump on your TV. Trump on your computer screen. Trump on your smartphone. Trump on your car radio, on your in-flight entertainment, on the Jumbotron at ballgames. Trump 24-7, a constant stream of this conservative icon and Republican stalwart, espousing everything that is wrong about America and how he, Donald Trump, can fix it. His soothing voice with its musical lilt, entering your mind throughout the day, transforming your whole being into a kind of Trump antenna, tuned to receive the solutions to everyday problems that only Trump, in his infinite wisdom alone, can provide. He will be there always, looking over your shoulder, watching out for you. Like a big brother would.

Plus, we will probably see a lot more of Ivanka too. And you can't tell me you're not interested in that, right guys?

The media will try their best to silence him, to quote him in context and out of context until your head spins. But if you can't get enough of Trump--and I don't know who can--make your voice heard this November. Because the liberals want to change the program. Trump? He cares about making America great again.

That's what should dominate the ratings, for next four, eight, who knows how many years? Our children will thank us for it.

[Note from Adam: Views of Robbie Republican do not reflect my own... ;)]

Trump's Word Games

"Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the Second Amendment. And by the way, if she gets to pick her judges: Nothing you can do, folks. Although, the Second Amendment people, maybe there is."

Trump said these words. They're on video, as you can see here below:

What did Trump mean? Well, to us regular folk, it seems pretty clear that Trump was saying that if Hillary is elected, she will ban guns, and in that case, there will be nothing anyone can do... except for gun owners. What can those gun owners do after Hillary is elected that no one else can? Trump doesn't quite spell it out. But gun owners possess something that non-gun owners don't. What is that?

Well, according to a Trump statement:
That's right... gun owners have "the power of unification." In the event of a Hillary Clinton election, this "power of unification" will prevent her from naming judges that will take guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and criminally inclined. 

He totes mcgoats wasn't suggesting that anyone shoot her. Gosh, dishonest media, where would anyone get that idea?

The uncomfortable laughter heard in the video above makes it clear that if this is what Trump meant, those in attendance sure didn't know it.

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