Thursday, July 21, 2005

I've Just Discovered I'm Hugely Unpopular

Ok, maybe I haven't just discovered it. I've known it for years, just, never really wanted to admit it. And denial was working fine, until I discovered AIM Fight.

The concept behind AIM Fight is simple. You type in your screenname, then the screenname of your friend, and you see which person is connected to more people. It all depends on how many people have YOU on their buddy list, and then on how many people THEY have on their buddy list.

So it doesn't matter that my buddy list is full. What matters is how many people have listed me as a buddy.

Oh, one more note, the score depends on how many of the people who listed you are ONLINE. So the score constantly changes.

Being naturally curious, I tried it out, first comparing me and my best friend.

Me: 11007 My friend: 39224

Ok. So my friend is more popular. I can deal with that. How about my sister?

Me: 13221 My sister: 36559

How about some random girl I went to high school with, Megan Deasy?

Me: 13204 Deasy: 97207!!!! Which, AIM Fight tells me, is the 50910th most popular.

50910th most popular!

By my calculations, that makes me the 45,004,623,811,965,439,885th most popular person on IM.

I am, unfortunately, only more popular than my Mom (A measly 43). Now I will cry.

Damn technology and its sobering dose of reality!


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Monday, July 18, 2005

Home Base

I finally know what Ft. Monmouth does. MSNBC Article

The base is near my hometown. Closing it could mean disaster for my area. 8,000 jobs would be lost initially, who knows how many afterward. So Bush and Rumsfeld's great plan to "consolidate" our military hits home in a powerful way.

My county, weirdly, leans Republican. After throwing thousands out of work, I doubt the Republicans will have any friends left in my neck of the woods.

I finally know sort of what goes on at Ft. Monmouth. But I've known all my life how important it is to my town. If Bush closes the base, he's got a lot to answer for in New Jersey.

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