Friday, June 02, 2006

Republican Boneheads

Excellent post here. The fact that congress even debated throwing reporters in jail and punishing American citizens without trial is an outrage. A greater outrage is that the Republicans really really want to do it. Are our freedoms in peril? Have the terrorists won?

And, it turns out, Iran's not so bad after all. They agreed to stop supporting Palestinians against Israel, agreed to nuclear inspections, etc etc. But Bush said no. Read about it here.

Love Thy Neighbor?? "Members collected signatures on petitions to the papal nuncio, while an anonymous group stapled pictures of Nadeau to ads of underwear-clad men and slipped them under churchgoers' windshields." Sounds like Christian love to me. Jesus would be... appalled?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Terror-ific Idea

We all remember the sad, tragic events of 9/11. On that day, Islamic fundamentalist terrorists attacked this nation, striking at the heart of America's commercial and military might. In the aftermath of that day, we all wondered, "How will we protect Louisville, Kentucky in the future?"

Hold up. What?

Well, maybe we didn't think Louisville should be a high priority for the Government's anti-terror funds, but apparently Bush and Co. know something we don't. Because the Department of Homeland Security is cutting 84 million dollars in protection for New York City and 31 million from protecting Washington D.C., giving it to Louisville, Charlotte, NC, and Omaha, NE instead.

Now, the last terrorist attack suffered in Charlotte was back in the 1800's, in a small little thing called the Civil War. And while a college student from Nebraska did make a couple pipe bombs back in 2002, that doesn't quite justify spending millions to make Omaha home to the nation's largest biocontainment facility. As for Louisville, they make a mighty fine baseball bat, but I doubt that terrorists will strike at us by sneaking into the factory and surreptitiously corking Sammy Sosa's bats (or have they already?????!?!?!).

The Terrorist's Next Target???
Louisville Slugger Factory??

Once again, this Republican-led government has decided to screw over the legitimate security concerns of blue state America, in favor of granting money to placate the insanely paranoid illogical fears of red staters. Hey, Nebraskaites... YOU'RE NOT GETTING ATTACKED ANYTIME SOON.

If you live in any of the places that received these obvious pork-barrel funds, I implore you. Write your congressman. Tell them to give the money to the states that need it. That's the moral thing to do.
The Eraser MP3s!

Thom Goes Solo

Thom Yorke's new album leaked online!!!!!

I will have to download it immediately!

UPDATE: Downloaded some tracks. Love em. Why couldn't Thom have recorded these with the band? Some Johnny, Colin, Phil and Ed would be awesome.

The Best Downloads:

The Eraser- "The more you try to erase me, the more that I appear." Beautiful.

Black Swan- A very chill vibe. "I don't care what the future holds, cause I'm right here now today."

Atoms For Peace- Sounds like an Amnesiac B-Side. Showcase for Thom's voice as a musical instrument.

Analyse- Pyramid Song type of vibe.

Harrowdown Hill- "Did I fall or was I pushed? And where's the blood?" Creepy. This song is almost begging for someone to remix. Almost Madonna-ish sounding when Thom sings "We think the same things at the same time, we just can't do anything about it."

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Britney's Poetry

Baby K-Fed Cops A Feel

As posted on her website, briefly:

No more chains
That you gave me
Enough of pain
Manipulation is the key.

They screw it in
Because you're naive
You come to me now
Why do you bother?

Remember the Bible
The sins of the father
What you do
You pass down.

No wonder why
I lost my crown
You don't see me now
You ask yourself why my crown is back
And it's way too high
For you to be in my presence
Especially my son
You should bow down
I've only just begun.
Fed up with Federline perhaps? Rumors have been swirling about a breakup since the day K-Fed and BritBrit announced their white-trash-style Hollywood love. Could the above be Britney's comeback song?

One things Britney and Kevin have going for them, so far, is their achingly normal baby name: Sean. After TomKat's "Suri," Shields n' Henchy's "Grier" and Brangelina's Shiloh (I liked the book too... but seriously, naming your kid after a dog?), Britney and Kevin suddenly seem like good parents. Although there's no doubt that Shiloh Pitt-Jolie will be the hottest, hottest girl ever when she grows up, there's also little doubt that, at some point, she'll say to mom and dad... "Shiloh?? Are You f*&kin insane?"

Sure, Britney sat her kid on her lap while driving, strapped him in the wrong way in his car seat, and almost dropped him when she tried to save a glass tumbler full of "water." But as far as naming goes, she did a good job. So I hope Britney is ready to ditch the Fedcase. She deserves a chance to raise these two babies away from the man who made millions of Brazilians stop using the word "Papazao."

She should use her money on parenting classes, not helping K-Fed restock on white tank tops.

Other Vital News:

Batwoman Comes Out Of Closet

Anyone can be a music star... even Paris Hilton??

Rescue Me returns tonight! I'll have something to watch this summer now that Lost is on hiatus.

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