Monday, February 05, 2007

Best Superbowl Ad

Dissed by Time Magazine's Superbowl Ad Roundup (by someone with no sense of humor), and ignored completely by MSNBC's voting system, this Bud Light Ad was by far the best of the crop, eliciting the most laughs from everyone at Louis Klein's Bowl Bash:

Time's reviewer obviously hasn't seen the constant commercials for "The Hitcher," which this commercial mimics nicely. In fact, I thought it was an ad for "The Hitcher" before Bud Light was mentioned. Nice parody.

The Nationwide Kevin Federline Ad came in a close second, while people commented that Coca-Cola's take on "Grand Theft Auto" would actually make a good, positive video game. Bud Light's "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Ad also was a big hit.

Failing to make a positive impression: Those crappy Fan-created Doritos Ads, Sheryl Crow's Revlon Ad, and the nonsensical "Budweiser Crab Ad." A cooler does not look like a crab, no matter how you try to manipulate the image. That's a huge stretch.

Oh, and the game was pretty wacky too.

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