Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Space Cadet

Astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak
She's Changed Her Last Name To "Yeswak"

They don't screen astronauts for insanity like they used to.

Most hilarious is that on MSNBC, they follow the story with a link to a discussion board:

Should Nowak Be Allowed To Fly Again?

Um.. no?

Is it even a question? You wanna be aboard the space shuttle with this Loony Tunes?

According to her Bio, Lisa enjoys bicycling, running, skeet shooting, sailing, gourmet cooking, rubber stamps, crossword puzzles and piano. She also competed on the track team in college.

Nowhere does it mention a fetish for diapers.


Anonymous said...

I came to this blog by way of the MSN.

This women is going through some kind of pain and it's cruel to make fun of her.

Something is obviously wrong and it will probably be her family life/committments/mid-life crisis combination at the root of this fantasy she carried on about the other astronaut.

I do not think she's an evil person, just very lost in life.

NASA evals didn't cut through and focus on the things that were troubling her. Its realy not a reflection of NASA. NASA austronauts don't get into trouble(until this), when was the last time one did?

On the diaper bit, in her head and through her experiences as an astronaut the diaper wearing wasn't a big deal, she's donned them before to take off and re-enter Earth's atmospher.

When someone who hasn't a criminal background snaps, we shouldn't find it funny we should investigate the why and re-evaluate ourselves and learn from the mistakes that led her down tihs road.

Hot Mama said...

Anonymous sounds like a caring and forgiving human being. BUT, clearly, astronauts are among those people one would expect to be cleared for mental stability given the nature of the job. This may call NASA's screening methods into question. Perhaps this case is an anomaly, but mental stability and the ability to handle stress are a priority for the job and this incident should preclude Nowak from returning to duty.

Adam said...

Although I'm sure her lawyers will have an explanation... rubber tubing, a knife, and plastic garbage bags in her car seem to indicate that this woman had more than simply a friendly confrontation in mind. It's hard to have sympathy for someone who would premeditate kidnapping/murder.

A lot of people go through stress. A lot of people go crazy. But most of those people aren't in the extremely exclusive occupation of astronaut. If a "mid-life crisis" can cause her to act this way on earth, just imagine what it could cause in space. Someone could end up being shoved out an airlock. I'm sorry, but I don't see NASA pulling a Trump-like forgiveness act here. But how much you wanna bet she goes into rehab for alcohol, like every other scandal plagued person these days?

Jenni Jo said...

I wonder if she'll miraculously turn homosexual when entering rehab for alcoholism, a la Ted Haggard, but swinging the other way.

Jack Summers said...

Yeah she had tubing, pepper spray, tape, garbage bags, was wearing a diaper, and a mallet! Looney Tunes is right Adam. I heard she also carried in her trunk an anvil, rocket skates, giant sling shot, and a fake manhole all courtesy of ACME... i wonder when you sleep at night if your troubled by these sounds... MEEP!MEEP!... catch my drift?... freakin nut bag

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