Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't Steal

Found this on Clicked today: The Saga Of The Stolen Sidekick

In this age of blogs, it is a very bad idea to steal. The Ebay Laptop incident is another example.

I found a Sidekick in a cab a little over a year ago. It was pretty beat up, and didn't turn on. I took out the SIM card and inserted it into my cell phone to see if I could retrieve the owner's information. I did, and called him. He didn't seem too concerned about it. I left my number, asked when he'd like to pick it up. The guy didn't live in the city, so he said he'd have to call me whenever he'd be in next. I offered to mail it to him. He said no thanks.

He never called me back. I even left him a message in case he lost my number. But nothing. So I have a Sidekick. I never signed up for the service, but it's fun to take out now and then and pretend like I'm Paris Hilton.

As for these people who stole this guy's Sidekick, they deserve to be humiliated. It doesn't matter where you're from, what race you are, how much money you have. What matters is how you act as a human being. By not returning the Sidekick, these people acted pretty badly. In the internet age, behaving that way has consequences. That said... the lynch mobs of the World Wide Web can overstep their bounds too. We're talking about a $200 dollar device here. Embarrass, but embarrass responsibly. Evan Washere has exercised restraint... but those latching onto his cause.. even venturing to videotape the thieves' house... have gone a little far. Do these people have lives?

Anyways, the lesson is clear. Don't steal. Or if you do, don't have a MySpace page.

PLUS: In Other Vital News... Cats Compete In Reality Showdown


DelorumRex said...

Hey, I have more info and a funny video on the stolen sidekick.. come check it out.
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Adam said...

cool man, thanks for your comments

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