Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Wacky Headlines

Headline that must have been fun to write: Mermaid in tree loses fight to save farm squatters

Obvious Headline: Oops! She Did It Again One more time, Britney was caught with her baby in the front seat of her car without a car seat. Does she own a car seat? Or does she believe she'll somehow miraculously stop the airbag from decapitating her child? Put this in the Ben Roethlisberger "I-Don't-Need-A-Helmet-Cause-I'm-Careful" Stupidity File.

Our Depressing State Of Humanity Headline: FEMA Funds Spent On Divorce, Sex Change... Porn, Football Tickets, Jewelry, Vacations And Trent Lott's Front Porch

Well-That's-One-Way-To-Spend-Your-Retirement Headline: Retired Farmer Plans Hitler Memorial

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