Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Republican Party Values

"I don't believe there's any issue that's more important than this one."
--Republican Sen. David Vitter

Is he talking about the AIDS crisis in Africa? The genocide in the Sudan? The war in Iraq? Iran's nuclear aspirations? Peace bewteen Israel and Palestine? How about illegal immigration? Health care? The state of education in this country? The economy? Maybe he's talking about global warming. Bird flu? Russia slipping away from Democracy? The Khamer Rouge? The earthquake victims in Java? Maybe he's referring to the efforts to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast? Or finding new ways to combat terrorism? Is the important issue he speaks of tax reform? Addressing the problem of the shrinking middle class? Creating new services to get the homeless off the streets? Cleaning up corruption in government? How about making sure every vote counts? Better funding for the arts and sciences? Body armor for troops? Finding Bin Laden? Maybe he wants to keep better tabs on sex offenders? Solve the oil crisis? Create renewable energy technologies for the post-oil age? Raise the minimum wage? Fight corporate corruption? Regulating internet commerce? Maintain better relations with the world? Fight world hunger? Maybe he thinks tort reform is the most important issue. Or social security reform. Perhaps he thinks we should spend more money fighting the war on drugs. Or the war on pornography? Is saving the rainforest most important? Or saving endangered species? Ending China's human rights abuses? Making sure the North Koreans don't use the bomb? Protecting our interests and assets abroad? Curing cancer? Stopping Mad Cow? Reducing teen pregnancy? Prosecuting identity thieves? Tightening port security? Puerto Rico attaining statehood? Tell me, David Vitter, what's most important? Promoting Democracy in the East? Providing humanitarian aid to Rwanda and the Congo? Ending the sex slave trade? Fighting child prostitution in the far east? Supporting our troops?? What issue is he talking about??? What issue is MOST IMPORTANT??????

Oh. Nevermind. He was talking about outlawing gay marriage. Well, it's important to have priorities.

[Even Lou Dobbs, who scares me, agrees]


Jenni Jo said...
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Jenni Jo said...


The Republicans, yet again, are trying to divide Americans down party lines, knowing that this is the ONLY issue they might be able to provoke people to stand behind them about. They have failed miserably on all other counts you included in your post.

Thanks for pointing out how blatantly absurd Ritter's statement was. I hope this nation can see through the desperate and dirty political pandering of the Republican party, and of the President.

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