Friday, January 27, 2006

Chivalry, Bush Style

U.S. Kidnaps Suspected Insurgents' Wives

At a certain point, don't conservatives get a little queasy thinking about all the evil our government is involved in?
In one memo, a civilian Pentagon intelligence officer described what happened when he took part in a raid on an Iraqi suspect's house in Tarmiya, northwest of Baghdad, on May 9, 2004. The raid involved Task Force (TF) 6-26, a secretive military unit formed to handle high-profile targets.

"During the pre-operation brief it was recommended by TF personnel that if the wife were present, she be detained and held in order to leverage the primary target's surrender," wrote the 14-year veteran officer.

He said he objected, but when they raided the house the team leader, a senior sergeant, seized her anyway.

"The 28-year-old woman had three young children at the house, one being as young as six months and still nursing," the intelligence officer wrote. She was held for two days and was released after he complained, he said.
I mean, what would be out-of-bounds for the Bush cartel? So far they've spied on people without a warrant, tortured and sent people to be tortured in secret prisons, and now apparently, they're kidnapping nursing mothers.

Iraq's deputy justice minister, Busho Ibrahim Ali, dismissed such claims, saying hostage-holding was a tactic used under the ousted Saddam Hussein dictatorship, and "we are not Saddam."
No. They're not Saddam. They just think his tactics were genius.

Deny it or defend it... if there's any grain of truth to this practice, the message needs to be sent loud and clear that it will not be tolerated. This may not be an ordinary war, but the rules of engagement (and of society) should nonetheless be tantamount. If we break the rules, we encourage others to do so as well.

Evil begets evil.

Idiot America:

Read this in a Yahoo article:
Chris DeCaro, 20, of Farmington, Mich., praises the president, particularly for his handling of terrorism. "He runs this country not as a politician but as a businessman who does things that need to be done," DeCaro says.
Okay, I realize people still support Bush. That's ok. Plenty of people also watch Fear Factor. But.. um... "Businessman"????? The guy took us from a surplus to the largest debt ever in just 4 years. Maybe Bush is like a businessman... who worked at Enron.

"Does things that need to be done"??????

Money Spent on Iraq War (estimated): A Gadzillion Dollars

Money Spent on Hurricane Katrina Affected Areas (estimated): Three wooden nickels
Money Spent on Health Care: $0
Number of Soldiers Defending At-Risk Chemical And Nuclear Plants: A Stack of Chuck Norris Movies

But yeah, I guess kidnapping wives in a country half a world away is much more important than "things that need to get done" at home.

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