Friday, August 26, 2005

NJ Makes Slums

I had no idea our local government could be as corrupt, stupid, and morally bankrupt as our federal one. I guess you learn things as you get older.

Neighboorhoods Destroyed To Make Crack Dens -From the New York Times.

Eminent Domain has to be stopped. It's such an awful, despicable practice that has more often than not been used by greedy, corrupt officials in order to line the pockets of themselves and their rich supporters and screw the poor and middle class. Find someplace else to build a school, a port, a shopping mall. Don't remove the very residents that you claim will be helped by urban renewal. Urban Renewal is a sham anyway. It's always been code for, lets kick the poor people out of here so we can build condos.

In cases like this debacle in jersey, the zeal and rush to urban renewal actually made the situation far worse. How is this a free country when people's homes are taken away because of politics?

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