Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Awesome Concert

Saw System of a Down and The Mars Volta @ Brendan Byrne Arena. Totally awesome. We were up on the 200 level, straight back from the stage, and we formed a mosh pit on the walkway behind the top row of seats. I was mashed by strangers. Andrew punched me several times. Totally awesome. We saw some old guy get in a verbal altercation with some kid in the beer line. The kid accused the old dude of cutting. Then we saw this totally awesome scene:

Kid: "Dude, there's a line."

Old Guy: "What are you insinuating?"

Kid: "Listen Gramps, you have to wait in line just like the rest of us."

Me and Andrew tried not to laugh.

Old Guy: "You ruined this whole experience for me."

Yes. He actually said that. Then he walked off. Probably left the concert.

Then me and Andrew managed to scam the one drink maximum rule (they only let you get one beer at a time). A magician never reveals his secrets.

There was also a lot of things I'm not at liberty to say here, but if you've ever been to a concert, an awesome concert, you have a pretty good idea what went on. Totally awesome.

It's always so disappointing when the lights come up and the crowd starts filing out, and you're the only person around left screaming for an encore, hoping against hope that they'll play one more song. And you're drunk and bruised and you realize you've got to somehow find a bus to take you home.

But that concert was totally awesome. Did I mention that?

(I'll post the pictures once I figure out how to get them off my phone)

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