Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Save The Babies... (and the eggs and sperm)

Pharmacists Refuse To Give Out The Pill"

So its not bad enough that these so-called moral people want mothers to die from pregnancy complications and rape victims to suffer-- they also want to promote teenage pregnancy and world overpopulation!!!!

I thought life started at conception. Now it apparently starts the moment of penetration. Of course, if this trend of moving the moment of life backwards continues, it will soon be illegal to wear pants, because they get in the way of "creating life."

Of course, the pantsless masses must never EVER touch each other before marriage. That would be a sin.

And once theyre together, they can't EVER be apart. No divorce anymore. Even in cases of abuse!

You see, it doesn't stop. It doesn't ever stop with these people. I don't mean to be alarmist, but I work at a magazine where i read letters from readers saying we're going to hell because a girl's shirt is too tight.

So I'm scared.

Religion is a great, powerful force, which has the capacity for great altruism, justice, truth, and compassion. What scares me is the evidence that it is being hijacked by those using it as a tool of hate, fear, and oppression.

This should be as much an outrage to the religious as it is the secular. Because once the fundamentalists grab hold, they're going to be harder to break. They have more kids than us. They indoctrinate their kids and keep them from society. These people will grow if we give them enough water.

We deeply need more spirituality, more religion; but we need the religion to lift up the world, and honor that we are all creations on this planet, worthy of our opinions and beliefs. We need religion to be a light that comforts us, not a hammer that beats us down. Otherwise, religion becomes another word, a word more sinister in its intent: Theocracy.

We don't need to become an Iran to become a nation of morality.

What we need is freedom. "Free to fall," and free to rise.

We're best when we compromise for the better of all. Not when we protheletize our own sense of right and wrong.

Its moral to save people.
Its immoral to punish them.

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