Monday, November 08, 2004

It Begins

Creationism in Schools!!!
Lets Force Our Bigotry On Schoolchildren!!!

Yeah, well, that Darwin guy was a nut anyway. And the "dinosaurs" are just part of a liberal baby killing conspiracy.

And now the Republicans are attacking their own. Arlen Specter is being put down on Fox News daily for his comments about confirming Bush's Supreme Court nominees. All he said was that Bush might have a hard time winning over Democrats on a anti-abortion nominee.


Of course, anything that smells like dissent in the ranks causes Republicans to flip inside out, exposing their tiny, tiny hearts to the elements. So they were upset.

My theory is that the Republicans would have no problem with Specter's comments had he been, say, Strom Thurmond.


Because Spector is Jewish.

Yeah yeah, I know what you're gonna say. No, its not about that. This isn't an anti-semitic thing. Bullshit. I'm not like Uncle Leo from Seinfeld. But I honestly think the Republicans think a pro-choice, northeastern jew must be a democrat. Because Specter is Jewish, the Republicans hear words that sound close to a warning and they yell "Democrat!!!" despite the fact that Bush campaigned strongly for Specter in his reelection bid.

If Specter was a southern senator and say, his name was Jim Bunnings, I bet those guys would go a little easier on him. Or defend him at least when the "Right to Life (except for the mother!) Committee urges putting his head on a pike.

I applaud Specter for not letting his party affiliation poison his sense of decency.

It's funny, because Bush in his campaign said he wouldn't apply a litmus test for a Supreme Court nominee. The Fox News guys repeated it often. No one actually believed him, but he said it. Now that Specter says that Bush shouldn't have a litmus test, the Republicans go ape?

Yet another sad display of how Bush lies.

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