Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat Had Chance To Be A Hero

Yasser Arafat died today. Unlike the plans of the Israeli governemnt, I don't intend to put out a propoganda campaign against him. Anyone who looks at the facts knows Arafat was no hero. He could have been, but ultimately, his distrust was his undoing.

In July of 2000, Arafat could have had what the Palestinians had always wanted. Their own state. They were closer than ever before. The proposal was there on the table at Camp David. Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip and 95 percent of the west bank. Arab control of East Jerusalem and the controversial Temple Mount. Arab refugees allowed back to their homes. Everything was there for the taking-- hell, Clinton was even offering a Monica BJ-- and Arafat said no.

Two months later, the second Palestinian infantada began, and Arafat didn't stop it.

The Washington Post has a fair minded account of Arafat's life: Arafat's Dream

If Arafat had signed that deal, there would be a Palestinian state and we probably wouldn't have had a 9/11. We probably wouldn't be in Iraq right now. Sometimes the future of the world can be decided by just one man.

Hopefully now, a leader can step into the void and dedicate the PLO to peace-- so we can finally bring an end to the conflict, and have an Israel and a Palestine, side by side.

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