Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Thinking People Are Stupid

Quote of the Day:

"A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not the person you want as your commander in chief." -George W. Bush

You may remember this:

"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction--lets go to war!" -George W. Bush

Also, how does one jump to conclusions WITH the facts?

Jumping to conclusions means you don't have the facts. A little redundant there Bushie.

I'm so glad i'm voting absentee ballot, with all the hell they're predicting for Nov. 2. I haven't gotten my ballot yet, though, and we're getting down to the wire.

I'm afraid that my ballot may have been abducted by a republican. This is the only logical explanation. Why else would New Jersey be a swing state if the republicans hadn't played a little dirty?

Interesting to note: Nader says NJ is a forgone conclusion, for Kerry, so I should vote for him, cause it won't affect the election. Nice to know he's concerned about throwing the election to Bush. Unfortunately, he also says to people in Ohio and Florida that they should vote for him if they want an anti-war candidate. Which I assume means Bush.

Also interesting- Alan "I hate black people so much even though I'm black" Keyes and Barak "I have a dream" Obama fought against each other on a topic that they BOTH AGREED UPON: A ban on Gay Marriage. Keyes, in his non-controversial way, said that adopted children of gay couples, "kept in the dark about their biological parents" were at risk of "unknowingly sleeping with a relative."

"If you can't know who your sisters and brothers are, there is no way you could avoid having sexual relations with them," he said.

Hmm. What a great point from the raving lunatic. Oh, one problem... adoption is practiced by straight couples too.

And the right wing loves adoption as an alternative to abortion.

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Next thing you know, Bush will force all pregnant women to keep their babies attatched via umbillical cord till their children turn 21.

The sad thing is, Keyes and Bush think their arguments are working.
The sadder thing is-- they might be.

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