Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Odd Couple: George and John

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A freak tie result in the presidential election could mean the House of Representatives would choose the next president, a scenario that would favor Republican incumbent George W. Bush.

But since the Senate would decide the vice presidency, Bush could end up with Democrat John Edwards."

Wow, that would be a trip, wouldn't it?

I see a sitcom out of this:

Bush: Listen pretty boy, I run the show here.

Edwards: I thought Cheney ran it.

Bush: Damn, you're right! What do I do now? I'm helpless!

Edwards: Don't look at me, I have only one senate term experience. Kerry just chose me because I have good hair!

Bush: Who can we get to run our country!?

(Ralph Nader enters)

Nader: Lucy! I'm hoome!

Bush and Edwards: (unenthusiastic) Hey Nader.

Nader: I heard you guys might need a little help.

Bush: Forget it Nader.

Nader: But you said if I ran against Kerry you'd give me a job!

Bush: I gave you a job.

Nader: Decoy in Iraq is not a job.

(laugh track)

Edwards: I wish there were two americas... so i could go to the other one.

(Bill Clinton enters wearing hawiian shirt, eating a big mac, applause)

Clinton: Hey there girls, whats shakin?

Bush and Edwards: Bill Clinton!

Clinton: That's my name, don't wear it out.

Edwards: You've come to save us!

Bush: Finally, someone who knows what they're doing!

Clinton: No, guys, you got it all wrong. I didn't come here because I'm taking over.

Edwards: No? Then why are you here?

(Hillary walks in)

Hillary: Hey boys!

Bush: Aye Carumba!


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