Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Most Annoying Commercial In The World

I can't remember a time when the Associated Press ever ran a story about an ad annoying people. But the ubiquitous "Saved By Zero" Ad campaign launched by Toyota to herald their 0% financing event has apparently ruffled more than a few feathers:

"It's pretty much unanimous that everyone I've talked with thinks it's very annoying," said Colin Anderson, a 19-year-old freshman at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He created the Facebook group "Stop Playing Toyota's 'Saved by Zero' Commercial" after first seeing it a week and a half ago. The group has since swelled to more than 1,200 members and is growing.
At issue is that hypnotic, red bouncing 0% sign (which would have been a great costume for Halloween, by the way) and of course, the song "Saved By Zero," which seems designed to penetrate into the furthest reaches of your skull, staying there until it finally eats your brain from the inside, all but forcing you to go down to the nearest Toyota dealership in order to beg a salesman to run you over with a brand spanking new Corolla.

Esquire Magazine has a piece here about the ad.

The ad, below, might be tolerable, once. But on TV, it often appears in bunches. Like a street gang, one Blood might not scare you, but a pack of them will:

Who does that song? Well, the original "Saved By Zero," is by a band called The Fixx. Hear the original, less annoying version, here. Ironically, the song's meaning appears to run counter to result it's producing in the TV watching audience:

The Fixx’s impressionistic songs are inspired by events in their lives as well as in the world around them. “Saved By Zero’s” minimalist view came from the experience of touring. “Part of the routine,” said lead singer Cy Curnin, “is becoming more lightweight, doing away with encumbrances. Zero is the point of relaxation.” --Shuttered Room/Reach The Beach songbook
Relaxation. Yes, what most of us are trying to do on Sundays while watching football. Until the "Saved By Zero" ad comes on and sucks away whatever happiness remains of the weekend.

There's some speculation on who actually sings the ad version, here. Presumably, once we know who is responsible, we can eliminate them and all memory of this song from the earth.

A group called Empire State Human did a cover of "Saved By Zero," but I don't think it's the one used in the commercial: MP3 Sample

Hopefully, someone gets to the bottom of this soon.

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