Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just In Case You Weren't Going To Vote Today

This should convince you:
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(thanks Brooke!)

A few last minute things to think about:

Who's more likely to "change Washington?" A 72-year old who's been in the Senate for decades, or a 47-year-old newcomer?

Who's more likely to reverse the past 8 years of bad government? A member of the Republican party that's ruled Washington for the past 8 years? Or a member of the opposition party?

Who's more likely to settle the situation in the middle east in a responsible way? The Republican who once sang in public "Bomb, Bomb Iran?" Or the Democrat who believes diplomacy should at least be tried before sending our troops to war?

Which vice president is more likely to be a good president if their running mate is somehow taken out of office? A former beauty pageant contestant and hockey mom who's never left Alaska? Or an experienced foreign affairs committee leader in the Senate who's been on the shortlist for a Presidential bid for years?

I don't think I need to spell it out for you.

Republicans, don't worry. Democrats will never force women to get abortions. They won't begin training kids to be gay. Democrats won't raise your taxes and then give your tax money to terrorists. Obama will not declare Osama as his Secretary of State. About the only thing that will change is that the economy will rebound and less of our troops will be dying overseas. Remember the Clinton years?

Minus the blowjob, of course.

Remember: 9/11 happened under Republican watch. And don't be fooled. While no terrorist attacks have happened over here in the U.S. since, the amount of terrorist attacks in the world have gone up during 8 Republican years. Are they really making us safer? How many times can you kick a beehive before you get stung? Republicans seem to want to find out.

Ok, ok. I've said all I'm going to say. Go vote. For whoever.

Whoever isn't John McCain.

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