Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will You Marry Me? Type Your Comment And Press Enter.

Lost Inspired Wedding
Note: This is a random picture. NOT the happy couple

As you may know, I like LOST. The TV show. A lot. The idea of no Lost until January frightens and confuses me. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about LOVE.

One of the blogs I read after every Lost episode is "Lost And Gone Forever." The blogger, Brian, is pretty insightful, many times wrong, but always entertaining. He always gives me a few new Lost theories to think about. Of course, I haven't checked his blog since Lost went on hiatus.

I did today, and I think I just discovered history in the making.


Yes, Brian proposed to his "super-hot girlfriend" on his blog. Complete with a photo of the ring he bought her. They met because of Lost. No, not on the island. They watched it together. A romance blossomed. And she read his blog all the time. A few comments after one anonymous prankster replied "No," Brian's girlfriend finally typed "Yes!" I admit, my eyes got a bit misty.

Congrats to Brian and his fiancee. Just don't go fly to Sydney for the honeymoon!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Hunter: I'd like to speak to you regarding an article "Classic Arcade Video Games Catching on with New Generation" which ran on Foxnews 4/16/07. Would you please email or call me? I hesitate to post my number here (please do not post to your site) but cannot find another way to reach you. I have left messages through Fox news today as well. Thank you. Brenda Livengood, thanks

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