Thursday, July 12, 2007

Facebook Photos Threaten Miss New Jersey Crown

Amy Shows Her Vegetables

There she is, Miss A... hey, are those mini pumpkins?

Poor Amy Polumbo. She acheived every girl's dream, to become a sex obj... er.. I mean, role model for millions when she was chosen as the next Miss New Jersey. But now her crown is being threatened by pictures she posted on the popular social networking site, Facebook.

Polumbo made the mistake of thinking that pictures of a hot girl posted on the internet somehow won't become public. Even girls who didn't post the pictures themselves can become an internet phenomenon, as Allison Stokke found out. While Polumbo's pictures are tame, she never gave a thought to how they might look in someone else's eyes. In the Facebook era, can we afford to make her mistake?

I thought about myself. What pictures have I posted on Facebook that could come back to bite me when I become a famous astronaut/actor/President? I decided to do a thourough search through my albums, to see if any of my pictures could be interpreted as less than innocent:

Exhibit #1:

Dancin, Drinkin

Con: Dancing Badly

Pro: I look pretty good.

Con: Cans of beer everywhere, one in my hand, implies drinking.

Pro: I was 21-plus.

Con: This picture was taken at my parents house while they were away.

Conclusion: All in all, I don't think this hurts my aspirations. Except for my dream to be on So You Think You Can Dance. Reputation fairly intact.

Exhibit #2:

Me and a Girl

Con: I appear to be sneaking a peek.

Pro: The girl doesn't seem to mind.

Con: I've just lost the evangelical vote.

Pro: They wouldn't vote for a Jewish guy anyway.

Conclusion: Men in our society are granted a lot more leeway than women. A fortunate double-standard for me. George W. Bush had his youthful hijinx, and so did I. His involved cocaine though. Reputation with the ladies mildly damaged.

Exhibit #3:


Con: Are you looking at the picture???

Pro: This may help me win the gay vote.

Con: NASA doesn't allow ninjas in space.

Con: Readership of this blog just dropped to zero.

Conclusion: Halloween is a holiday when most people dress (and act) like a completely different person. Polumbo had her share of scandalous Halloween photos. Still, the ridiculousness of this photo is alarming. Reputation: Destroyed.

Well, there you have it. Turned out, pictures I thought were harmless took on a sinister and an alarming tone when viewed through analytical eyes. Let this serve as a warning to you, dear reader. Think before you post.

And keep your ninja sword safely sheathed.

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