Thursday, May 03, 2007

School Shooter Speaks Out

The people who do these things are people who don’t want contact. They wouldn’t be capable of going out there and stabbing people to death. But there’s such a disconnect when you’re using a gun. You don’t even feel like you’re killing anybody. The fact that I was able to buy a rifle in 15 minutes, that’s absurd. I was 18. I couldn’t have rented a car to drive home from school, yet I could purchase a rifle.

--Wayne Lo, who shot up his campus in 1992
Lo spoke to Newsweek about the Virgina Tech shooting. The question raised is, how is it possible that 16 years later, it's no harder for a wacko to buy a gun?

[UPDATE] At least me and our corrupt, lying, unqualified Attorney General agree on something.

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