Friday, March 16, 2007

Man In Rainbow Tie Comes Out Against Gays

Sen. Brownback

Presidential candidate Senator Sam Bareback... I mean Brownback, announced today that he is backing a top general's comment that homosexual acts are immoral.

"I do not believe being a homosexual is immoral, but I do believe homosexual acts are. I'm a Catholic and the church has clear teachings on this," Brownback said.
So... being a homosexual isn't immoral, but homosexual acts are? That's... clear? In that case, isn't wearing a rainbow colored tie, as Brownback did when he announced his Presidential bid, considered immoral? After all, isn't wearing rainbow colored stuff a "homosexual act?"

"General Pace's recent remarks do not deserve the criticism they have received," Brownback's letter said. "In fact, we applaud General Pace for maintaining a personal commitment to moral principles."
Sure. In a time of war, when we could use the services of every soldier we've got, the nation's top general, without provocation, basically calls some of our soldiers immoral hell spawn who are no better than women who cheat on their husbands. Yeah, that's something that deserves applauding.

The Bush Administration is already working on a new slogan, "Support Our Troops... Except The Gay Ones."

Soldiers dying in Iraq. Afghanistan falling slowly back to Taliban control. Katrina victims still without homes. New Orleans still in ruin. A nuclear threat in Iran. A growing gap between rich and poor. Rampant corporate corruption. Government cronyism.

To Brownback, we must take care of the most important problem first. Those damn gays!!!

Screw the rest! Leave that for the next President to clean up!!

If someone's willing to go through military training, go off to Iraq or Afghanistan and face terrorist bombs and gunfire, I don't care if he's gay, straight, or likes to have tea parties with farm animals. He's a soldier in my book, and doesn't deserve to be denigrated by some general who last faced danger when he choked on a piece of filet mignon at a fancy state dinner.

While it may be easy to argue that an openly gay service member may upset other soldiers and cause disciplinary issues, to say that the military should dismiss anyone deemed "immoral" by the religious right is an argument that has little rational thinking behind it. If a prerequisite for joining the army was to have never committed a "sin" as defined by the bible, there'd be no person in the world fit to serve.

General Pace is free to voice his opinion. But to do it in his capacity as leader of our armed forces was irresponsible and inappropriate. When you're on the job, do you yell and scream that all the gay people should be fired?? Even if that's what you believe? No (hopefully). General Pace shouldn't have either. Especially when those gay people are risking their lives for him and every other American.

But Brownback is even worse. While Pace may have made a slip up, Brownback is actually planning his bigotry out. He's passing his letter around, gathering signatures like the unpopular girl on yearbook day. He's hoping to solidify his place in the hearts of homo-hating voters.

However, the rainbow colored tie makes me pause. It seems an odd choice for someone to wear when they make the most important announcement of their life. Unless... Brownback was trying to send out a secret message. Which I'll leave to you to decipher.

Let's just say I'll be real surprised if Brownback doesn't have a few things stuffed in his closet.

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