Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You've Not Got Mail

Bush's government, which apparently is so tough on terror they've allowed more terrorist attacks than any other administration in U.S. history-- CANNOT EVEN AFFORD TO GIVE FBI AGENTS E-MAIL.

A google email account is absolutely free... but apparently government e-mail accounts cost so much that some FBI agents have to go without it.

Bridge to nowhere in Alaska... approved. E-Mail communication for the FBI... eh, too expensive.

Does this kind of thing just worry Democrats? Does anyone else see something wrong in our FBI agents not having proper communications?

PLUS: This Just In from Iraq.... we may be there for a while.
AND... At Least Congress Is Working Hard


Anonymous said...

i think the title of this blog should be "I HATE BUSH". ...

that way, you would spare yourself all the posts about that very subject, and just put down the reoccuring theme!

Adam said...

yeah, maybe I shouldn't criticize anything our president does. After all, it's not like his policies affect millions of people, myself included. I should just sit back and cheer no matter what he does, and keep my mouth shut about the things I see wrong in the world. Guess I better start writing MY blog about the things YOU want me to write about. Thanks for showing me the light, "anonymous."

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