Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh My God I Just Saw Radiohead!
(And Natalie Portman, Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams and Ryan Adams)

Thom Rules!
June 14, 2006 MSG Theater, New York City

So my roommate, a.k.a. the most awesome human being ever, got us tickets for last night's Radiohead concert at MSG. Radiohead is my all-time number one favorite band. The second my roommate told me he scored tickets (through Radiohead's manager) I was losing my brain juice with happiness. We got there for the end of the Black Keys set, I bought two posters, and we sat in our seats, awaiting the show.

My Roommate: "Be on the lookout for celebrities."

Me: "Yeah, we might be sitting next to Natalie Portman."

Just then, Ryan Adams walks down the stairs next to us.

My Roommate: "Oh my God, that's Ryan Adams."

Two seconds later...

My Roommate: "And that's Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams."

They walk right past us.

Three seconds later.

Me: "Oh My God, it's Natalie Portman."

She was right in front of us.

Sweet Moses I wanted to talk to her. But... well... she's like a goddess.

The concert starts. Highlights were The National Anthem, I Might Be Wrong, Paranoid Android, Wolf at the Door, Pyramid Song, My Iron Lung, Myxamatosis, No Surprises, Just, The Tourist.... hell, everything. They were amazing.

Thom actually thanked the audience for listening to their "old stuff." "You still give a shit," he said. Yes Thom. Yes I do.

Ryan Adams left early, we lost track of the Ledgers. Portman was being swamped with people and looked like she wanted to get out of there. I desperately wanted to take a picture with her. But I had to settle for this:

So cute!

We had passes to the afterparty, where we saw Ed O'Brian and Phil Selway. I shook Phil's hand. "Great show," I said. "Thanks," he replied.

Radiohead. Portman. Ledger. Williams. Adams. And I didn't even have to strip for my tickets (although some strange guys on MySpace did want to take me up on my offer).

Some not so fairly decent pictures of the show for you:





(Bigger versions here)

You want better? Check out Flickr.

A short video, From Paranoid Android:

More Portman:

UPDATE: Someone else saw Portman too.

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