Friday, May 19, 2006

Pollution Is Good!

Flowers Are Pretty

What we need is more CO2, not less. That's what the Competitive Enterprise Institute says. And why not trust them? After all, if it's anybody who knows about CO2 emissions, it's the folks at ExxonMobil and assorted other petroleum companies, who generously fund CEI's truthtelling work.

The CEI has launched an ad-campaign warning us good upstanding Americans not to listen to wackos like "scientists" and "academics."

The tagline of their new ad campaign: "They call it pollution; We call it life."

[See the first Ad Here] It's almost a parody. But CEI is deadly serious.

What's with little girls with flowers in negative "scare tactic" campaign commercials? I of course refer to the infamous Daisy Ad. Same Ad agency?

The second ad takes it to the so-called "mass media." Finally, an un-biased, completely objective think tank has the guts to tell Americans what Time Magazine doesn't want you to know.

[See it here]

Wow! Did you see that!!! The glacier REPAIRED ITSELF!!!! The scientists WERE lying! You can't fake a video like that. Clearly, ice can jump from the ocean and reattach itself to glaciers! I certainly haven't seen anything about that in The Washington (Commie) Post.

I'd personally like to thank the CEI for pulling the wool from in front of my eyes. I used to think that burning liquids and solids caused those liquids and solids to become gases, and those gases filled up our atmosphere with stuff that's not supposed to be there. That always made sense to me. But now, thanks to these un-biased, un-partisan ads, I see that Carbon Dioxide is a lot like medicine. It makes our lives better. And are you gonna be against MORE medicine? I don't think so.

So go burn those Time magazines. And stop recycling. And while you're at it, leave those lights on when you leave the room. The more CO2 we put in the air, the better our lives will be.

If God taught us anything, its that we should trust entities with three letters, like U.S.A. and G.O.P.

Thanks again, C.E.I. for showing the U.S.A. the rest of the world is wrong.

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