Friday, May 19, 2006

Marissa Dies; Five Links For Friday

No More Mischagas for Mischa

Fans of the OC were shocked (ok, not really) when the show killed off its main character, Marissa, who show creator Josh Schwartz once said he created the show around. This article gives the details, although it mistakenly says Seth and Summer were accepted to the same college (actually, they'll be going to the same state, different colleges). However, the craziest thing about this article isn't that mistake, it's the byline:

By SANDY COHEN, AP Entertainment Writer
(For those of you who don't watch, Sandy Cohen is the father on the OC. A fictional character writing a news article about his own show? We're really in Last Action Hero land now.)

I'm pretty upset they killed Marissa. I'm beginning to think that maybe she was the most interesting character on the show. This guy agrees. I couldn't be happier when Johnny (Cue Depressing Music) died, but this one stung a little. Especially since the episode made Marissa likeable again. She had put that lame-ass Volchick behind her. The OC writers could have just let her sail off with her dad. But noooo.. they just had to kill her. First Caleb (who was one of the best things about the oc) and now Marissa. And its all set up, unfortunately, for Taylor, that annoying annoying Taylor, to become the new Marissa in the gang of four. Fortunately, thankfully, Mini-Cooper may stick around, fitting nicely into the Marissa role as well, albiet much sluttier and hotter ("I’m going to rule Harbor.").. so...

Ok, well, you OC fans know what I'm sayin. R.I.P. Marissa.

Anyways, I hope the death of Marissa will mean an end to the wounded-puppy-falls-in-love-with-marissa-goes-crazy-dies/goes-away plotlines (Oliver, Gardener Guy, Johnny, Volchick) But please OC, please, spare me the revenge plot where Ryan goes after Volchick. Please. Just start next season like Volchick never happened.

Here's some links for you people who don't care about the OC:

Five Links (not sausage):

Finding My Voice I can totally relate.

Of course, this might make it easier to get girls.

Blonde Jokes It's ok, cause I'm dirty blonde.

The Secret To A Long Life? Pics of Hot Chicks.

Sickabod Sane Concert Tonight. Go. Listen.

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