Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Laura Quinn Fiesta Bowl

The Ohio State-Notre Dame game was destined to be a classic. And Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Pittman and A.J. Hawk had some legendary performances which started people talking about Ohio State being national champions again next season. And they proved, once again, that Notre Dame is really overrated, even with Charlie Weis as coach. Perhaps putting Rudy in at both cornerback spots wasn't such a good idea.

But the big story of the game wasn't Smith's Heisman Trophy worthy performance. ABC made it clear what the real story was.

Laura Quinn.

Laura Quinn

Laura is Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk's fiancee. Which wouldn't be that special. Except she's also Norte Dame's quarterback Brady Quinn's sister. The ABC crew loved this story. At one point, you could hear Musberger drool on his microphone. Everytime A.J. Hawk sacked Brady Quinn (twice) and everytime Brady Quinn got hit in general, the camera would cut to Laura. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Laura is, whats the word? Oh yeah. Hooter-ific.

But seriously. By the 10th cut to Laura... it was getting kinda creepy. ABC was getting ready to sign her as a sideline reporter.

Brady on the ground, after Hawk sacked him:
Hawk says hi to the in-laws
Ouch. "I sacked you and your sister." Double Ouch.

But anyways, congrats Buckeyes. See you next year at the Fiesta/Laura Quinn National Championship Game.

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Anonymous said...

i don't even see why they made a huge fuss about it..fuck she's not even really that hot..kinda looks like she got smacked in the face with a golf shoe.

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