Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

2005, you kinda sucked. Not content with 2004's year ending-tsunami, 2005 swacked the world with the triple-whammy of a terrorist bombing in London, Hurricane Katrina and an earthquake in Pakistan. MSNBC called 2005 "The Year of Lame Excuses," after public officials and corporate CEO's attempted to wiggle their hands out of the proverbial cookie jar. Katie Holmes lost her virginity not to American Pie's Chris Klein, but to that whack job cult geezer (and Chris-Klein-lookalike) Tom "Hail Xenu" Cruise.

2005 was so lame that "The Cat of the Year" was a dog, Esquire's "Man of the Year" was Jennifer Aniston, and the "Word of the Year" was "Podcast." "Podcast"??? Give me a break, dorkozoids.

But there were some promising seeds that may bear fruit in 2006. Tom DeLay was indicted. Iraqis voted on a new constitution (which they might actually get to appreciate once they stop getting killed on a daily basis). Jessica Alba was in like a dozen movies (we demand two dozen in 2006!). And Dan Freeman completed his quest to drink in 1,000 different bars in 365 days (next year, 2000!).

SO here's to 2006. May it be prosperous. May it be healthy and happy. And above all, may it be a heckuva lot better than 2005.

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