Sunday, December 18, 2005

We Interrupt This Program

Stewie and Brian, Make Way For Bush

Note to networks: It's not a "Special Report" when the President decides to make a PR speech in prime time.

If the President had something to talk about, ok, fine. We just got bombed. Saddam escaped. We caught Bin Laden. We landed on Mars. I choked on another pretzel. Then it's ok to interrupt our regularly scheduled programs. But to attack the Democrats? You take off Family Guy for this????

And make no mistake. Bush's speech was aimed directly at the Dems, and those wishy washy Republicans, and... well, everybody who suddenly isn't so hot on the idea of our boys and girls dying so Iraq could finally have a government Iran and Bin Laden like. There wasn't any new information. He didn't lay out a plan. All he said was basically... well, this.

So yeah, I'm pissed my Sunday night Family Guy fix was pre-empted for nothing. Listening to Bush speak doesn't move me as much as when Stewie calls Brian out on his novel writing.

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