Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well, I'm going to bed now, and still don't know whether there will be a strike tomorrow. The suspense is killing me. But if there is a strike, I need to get up early. I'm all for organized labor... but well. The NYU Grad Student strike was stupid and now this NYC Transit Strike is going to be even stupider. It's hard to support people when they make a huge inconvenience in your life. People could support coal miners and grocery store workers because, in the end, their strikes didn't really affect the way the general public lives their lives. But the Grad student strike immediately impacted a $35,000 education... and that got a lot of students pissed. And this transit strike, well... its gonna make a whole lot more people pissed.

Pissing off the very people who you depend on for support isn't a great strategy.

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