Tuesday, December 20, 2005

STRIKE!!! Day One

I woke up this morning dreading it, like so many other New Yorkers. And I don't even have it the worst. I live only about 25 blocks away from where I work. But still, when I turned on the television at 7:30 and saw the "MTA Not Running" graphic at the lower right hand corner of the screen, I was not a happy camper.

Especially when the reporter on the scene announced "It's the coldest day of the year."

But we'll get through this. Cause we're New Yorkers (except for those New Jerseyans and Connecticutters).

Here's my tips for getting through the strike:

Buy a warm jacket.

Stock up your iPod with some good walking/rollerblading/bicycling music.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Yada yada yada. That's obvious stuff.

Less obvious:

Use the strike as an opportunity to make conversation with hot girls! (Note: Don't be creepy)


Guy: This strike is killlling me!

Girl: (sprays him with mace)

Guy: How far did you have to walk?

Girl: (kicks him in balls)

Guy: Yeah, I had to walk 40 blocks. Woke up at 5 am.

Girl: (Tasers him)

Guy: Wanna grab a drink?
Use the strike as a chance to do some holiday shopping. On your way back, stop into every store that looks interesting. It'll keep you warm.

Use the strike to explore the city. Take a route that cuts through one or several of the city's parks. Meander through Times Square. Enjoy NYC like a tourist would.

Generate goodwill with your co-workers. Pick up some doughnuts or coffee and bring them in. Call them "Strike Doughnuts." Bask in the love from the co-workers who previously called you "Weirdy McLamester" behind your back.

Take up unicycling. Or another strange form of transportation. You may even get pictured in tomorrow's Daily News!

Do an after-work pub-crawl! One drink at every bar you pass on your way uptown or downtown. Pretty soon, you'll be so obliterated you won't even notice the cold. Or know where you are.

Host a strike sleepover! If you have the room, invite a bunch of commuting friends to play twister and truth or dare while watching slasher-flicks/comedies in cotton pajamas in between pillow fights.

Ok, that's all I can think of for the moment. But as the strike continues, I'll post some updates and tips. Have any of your own? Comment me baby. OOh, Comment me good.

Some Strike Resources:

WNBC has a MTA Strike Blog with recent developments.

Transit Strike 2005 gets blogged on The Gothamist (They also have a bunch of reader-submitted links.)

Photos of the strike are posted on Flickr.

Gridskipper, a travel blog, has some info and links.

Amy has a list of informational links on her NewYorkology site.

This guy has a Bike Blog and wants to get a group together to bicycle to work.


mckenzie said...

this strike sucks! they should just fire them all and hire new ones.

Adam said...

The Gothamist is totally stealing my ideas. I posted them first people!!!!

barbie said...

glad u liked the pic adam. i actually took it a couple of weeeks ago while there was still a bit of color in the environment. looks like you'll be hoofing it for a while

Cas said...

a nice strike would be let the passengers travel for free. it would be better for the people and it's still a strike. anyway... i would like to walk in the NYC streets someday.

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