Friday, October 14, 2005

Get Your Ark Ready

Jersey Underwater

Just found out they closed Ocean Township schools because of flooding. To give you an idea of how rare this is, Ocean Township (my home town), despite its name, does not touch the ocean.

The biggest water sources around are small lakes and tiny streams.

But all this rain has deluged the area. Belmar and Spring Lake have been evacuated. Even in New York City, where I am not, streets are starting to shimmer with thin, quickly flowing rivers.

I can't remember when it's rained this much, for so long. It's clear there's only one explanation:

The remnants of Tropical Storm Tammy sticking around due to a low pressure system in the area.

BUT ALSO, more likely, the end times are upon us.

The biblical flood is back to catch those it didn't get the first time.

So build your arks, and take two of every animal. Except tarantulas. They're on their own.

These guys can help: Noah's Ark Rebuilt!!!

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