Friday, September 02, 2005

NYU is a Bunch Of Assholes

Note: Maybe not. Look at the Comments section.

With thousands of students school-less after Hurricane Katrina sunk New Orleans, colleges throughout the country are throwing their admissions policies out the window and accepting many of the displaced kids on sight.

Not NYU.

Stephanie Philis of Port Washington, New York, was supposed to be starting her senior year at Tulane but skipped her flight Sunday after hearing about Katrina.

When the extent of the damage became clear, she contacted New York University, where she had taken summer classes, but was told it had no openings -- "no exceptions" is what she was told.

Columbia University's School of Continuing Education told her to come in with her college grades, SAT scores and a statement about why she wanted to attend Columbia. She wrote it Thursday morning and was accepted on the spot, she said.
Oh no, NYU couldn't accept any of the Tulane kids. We're too elite. We're too goooood.

We just got schooled by Columbia.

What the hell NYU? Why is my friend from Tulane going to BU and not NYU? Cause BU knows you help those in need. NYU seems to have forgotten a few things about helping others. There's no excuse for it.

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Anonymous said...
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Josh Taylor (NYU) said...

Just wanted to clear up some misinformation. NYU is in fact accepting students (from the New York area) who have been displaced by the effects of Katrina. You can find more information here:

Adam said...

This is heartening news. I'm glad NYU has stepped up to the plate. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Adam said...

... however, it is apparent from the CNN article that this was not initially NYU's policy (either that or poor Stephanie got a ill-informed admissions officer on the phone). I suspect the university began to see the light late in the game, and altered their policy accordingly.

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