Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Jew Couple"

Local watering hole (and underage hangout) Parkhills has some 'splainin to do.

SY Couple

Elliot and Jennifer went there for dinner. They had sushi and a few drinks. Then they got the check.

Right there on the bill, under "Tax" and "Total," were the words "Jew Couple."

Apparently, Parkhills doesn't believe in table numbers.

And mind you, this was put on the bill BEFORE the waitress got a shitty tip.

"We use it as a form of identity," the restaurant's manager said, seemingly defending the practice. No word on whether other identifiers used include "Gay Couple," "Black Couple," and "Evangelical Wingnuts."

The waitress, apparently, was fired. But will Parkhills stop identifying its customers by race and religion?

By the manager's statement, it seems not.

So all of you who like Parkhills so damn much, time to find another place that allows 10 year olds to order martinis. Those Anti-Semites don't deserve the business.

Plus, the place sucks, people!

Also: I'm on Alterman's blog again. If only all my work could get published so quickly.

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