Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Let There Be... Oil!

Well, the GOP did it. They opened the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, making several Republican senators much richer, and not lowering gas prices one measly cent.

I wish it made sense. The truth is, even the most optimistic predictions about how much oil is there don't produce a high enough number to last more than a decade. Eventually, we'll have to face the reality that we need new energy sources, preferably renewable ones.

It's a reality that the Republican party has been reluctant to accept, largely because many of them wear cowboy hats and yell "Yeehah!" every time a duck gets covered in an oil slick. The only way they got the bill even passed was that they stuck it on the end of a budget bill that the Democrats couldn't filibuster. Nevermind that the budget bill had nothing to do with oil drilling in Alaska.

And nevermind that opening the refuge has nothing to do with increaing our energy supplies.

Pictures of the Refuge Here (for a limited time)

Thank God we live in a country that honors God's greatest creation.


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