Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Black Tuesday

Today will be a day that millions of people will regret for the rest of their lives.

Four years from now, the election will not matter.

Freedom, decency, tolerance, peace died today.

Bigotry, Arrogance, Greed and Violence are our new gods.

Today Bush supporters celebrate, dancing in the streets. In four years, lets see if their sons and daughters are still alive, or off fighting in Korea.

I wish I could imagine things getting better. I wish I could believe it didn't really matter, that whoever our president is, we'll still retain the ability to live our lives in peace.

But given what I've seen, I can't have that faith.

Religious people voted for a man who has willingly sent their kids to die for oil. Moral values outweighed our security, the war in iraq, the deficit that will drive us to bankruptcy, Russian-style.

Religious people voted in a guy who was doing coke while Kerry was saving lives in Vietnam.

Religious people voted in a guy who has destoryed God's green earth more than any President in the modern era.

All because the guy said God and Jesus a couple times on the stump, and appealed to their hatred for gay people, gay people that most of them had never met.

In the end, the swing voters swung and missed. They listened to lies over reason. Strong wrongs over smart rights. And we will all suffer.

Evangelical Christians. Didn't they use to call these guys the Klu Klux Klan? Isn't calling them evangelicals worse than calling the Nazis the Socialist Party?

And old people. Congrats. You won't be alive to see how this election destroyed our lives. Good job voting for a guy who cut veteran's benefits, resists cheaper prescription drugs from canada, and favors big HMOs over patients.

Nov. 2nd 2004 will destroy this country. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it fell pretty damn fast.

Today we fell, because people confused God and goodness with the pandering lies of George Bush.

They confused strength with wisdom.

God Bless the swing states. They'll need it.

We all will.

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