Thursday, April 01, 2010

Congrats Newark!!!

...on recording its first homicide-free month in over 40 years!!!!

Congratulations! Let's Celebrate!

Wait a minute... is this an April Fools?

Let's hear what Newarkians on have to say:
"There have been shootings as we have read here in the last month. And people have died from them. They just don't count them as homicides."

"The simple reason for this is because it freaking rained the whole damned month & it kept everyone inside, including the killers."

"Enjoy it now because summer is right around the corner..."

What a bunch of Debbie Downers! And, then, um, there's this...
I don't understand till the day why is that people talk so bad about Newark -- it either have to be hate or Ignorance or maybe a combination of both

Those who knows me i hang all over and Newark Since the age of 15 is one of those Places .

Any recall the Good Old Days shopping at Woolworth? (lol) Boy a girl alone from the "Good Places" always went there to check in Newark X-D for Stores and walk -- Back then People still use to talk bad about Newark .

Now days I may be Ugly and fat ;C X-D but certainly at 15 till 30's i was Just Another Good Looking Chick :) (lol) I cant say in my entire Life that in Newark I got Miss respect in any way shape or form -- remember i was 15 years Old and walking just alone . * wink

Time pass by years pass by and for several reasons i end up back in Newark working and Enjoying the place --- Honestly I don't understand what is wrong with people back then and with People today .

One of the Places i use to Enjoy the most and since i had experience those days Myself I question and Question Why is that People talk about so bad about it All i see here Is a tremendous and Envious time If any ask me -- Boy i was Envious :) I was there watching but i wanted to be there Lol

Any of you from Real Newark recall those Great Days at the Park by the Post Office the weehaken park Cant Spell the name of the park by it have part with 22 Huge Park run by the Sheriff

Those Days i use to hang out there and for those Curious Yes still alone No b/f or g/f there not selling of my A ---- was pure working reasons -- Selling ice cream on a ice cream truck .

Those days all i saw was families after families with Kids having and Enjoying a great time from small families Bar B ques to the HUge Big Barb Q from the younger Generation Back then and all the Dancing .. Not one got hurt Dint heard one F word Not one cop arresting anyone ,, not a guy in a corner trying to lay Smart A -- looking at any Girls ---- Wall all Pure Clean Enjoyment .

I wasn't there passing by for just a few mnts and run away like many of you would only had done i was there from 7 - 8 am till 7 - 8 pm . Several days a week .

Kids dint had to run or walk with the parents by a leach like we see many times all over .. -- I still don't understand why many say
it was bad then and still bad now .

Is true that all have change but not Only Newark .. I see many Girls
Each day walking in Newark alone from all sort of races -- Cant be that "bad"

Visiting the Banks in Newark is even a total Pleasure when comparing to some i seen from "Good High Class Neighbors i seen ar0und ( lol) Boy I know many will think I'm nuts but -- I dont care

Base on all the Negative news not in a million years never was any to tell me that Newark had a lot of More Friendly Environment and Professionalism in a Bank then any of the so call " Good and Friendly Towns "

From a Friendly Helpful Security and Door Bell Man to tellers that were like sweet and Professionals

If Newark was all "that bad" it will be today a Ghost town .
You said it! I think... Did anyone get all that?

Maybe now that they've got crime under control, they can, you know, focus on education.

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