Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The NAACP Is Racist

Robbie Republican

By Robbie Republican

After all we've done for them, you'd think the African-Americans in this country would be grateful. I mean, we brought them to the land of opportunity, gave them great farm jobs and housing, and re-recorded their music using white singers to help share the fruits of black culture with the world. But no, apparently that's not good enough.

Now, I'm not a member of this "Tea Party" thing. Frankly, I think its a pretty girly name for a movement. Call it "Gun Party," and now we're talking. But when I heard that the NAACP was calling the Tea Party racist just because it's protesting the actions of Barack Hussein Obama, I became a Tea Party sympathizer.

I mean, it's the NAACP that's racist. My good friend Andrew Breitbart dug up a clip from a 2010 NAACP dinner where the keynote speaker, Shirley Sherrod, admits that she discriminated against a white farmer while working for the government Land Assistance Fund. Andrew titled his post, "Video Proof: The NAACP Awards Racism." You hear that people? Proof. And it's shocking:

My one question is why Andrew only presented 2:36 minutes of the 43-minute speech. Surely, the rest of the speech must have also been hugely bigoted and outrageous. Certainly, if we knew the larger context, this video would be even more shocking.

I reached out to the white farming couple who was discriminated against. I wanted to know how they felt being the victims of racism. But clearly, I was too late. They've already been brainwashed by liberal "mindwipe squads," and are now calling Little Miss Racist a "friend for life," who "kept us out of bankruptcy." Horrifying, I know.

Critics of the Tea Party need to understand something. These teabaggers aren't a bunch of racist, crazy, uneducated and ignorant radicals. These are good, honest, hardworking Americans who are fed up with the despotic regime of Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic cartel. They pine for the sweet, wonderful days of George W. Bush's benevolent, harmonious Presidency, when baby lambs laid down with lions, and the air was filled with butterflies. Do you remember? I do. There was no war in Iraq, everyone's pockets were full with money, and the Gulf Coast was free of any disaster and misery. Remember how carefree we were? Remember how wonderfully the Republicans in charge did their jobs, with no failures or controversy at all? How beautiful life was, with hope on every horizon? Until a Pakastani immigrant named after famous terrorists hijacked our nation in a fraudulent Presidential election and declared the American Eagle an enemy of the state.

We need to get more proof like Andrew's video. More short clips of speeches, more torn out paragraphs and bite-sized quotes. For instance, did you hear Obama called our war for independence from Britain a "tragedy?"
"Obviously, it's a tragedy," Obama said.
Sure, that's from an article about the Spitzer sex scandal (yet another Democrat hypocrite), but you see, Obama could have easily been talking about 1776. It's all about context, people. Removing it takes great effort.

But it's worth it. It's what we have to do to save America. For, me, for you, and for all the white farmers out their suffering under the yoke of black oppression.

Stay strong my brothers!

Till next time.

Yours Truly,
Robbie Republican, Defender of Our Union.

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Adam said...

Once again, Robbie, you amaze me with your insight into the Republican psyche.

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