Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stuff I Wish Existed Instead Of The Ipad

Ok, so the iPad was somewhat of a disappointment. I wish Apple had offered up something other than a giant iPhone that fixes few of the shortcomings of the original, more portable version. In fact, I came up with a few devices I wish Apple, or someone else, would come up with:

The "Hula":

Hulu Phone

A portable device that is Hulu-capable. There were rumors of an iPhone Hulu app almost a year ago, but nothing has surfaced. Hulu allows users to stream hundreds of TV shows, both old and new, for the low low price of... free. It would be awesome to watch TV shows anywhere. There could even be an option to download the show (for a fee) to watch later (like on a plane or somewhere without wi-fi or cellular service. Furthermore, the device could stream shows from other websites, like (Lost), (South Park) and others. You can already watch these on your computer for free... why not your phone, or some other portable device?

The "Satchel":

Sirius/Direct TV Device

A satellite-capable cell phone, able to access both Direct TV and Sirius/XM radio from anywhere. Here's what makes this great. There's a limit to how much data can be sent over 3G, or even tomorrow's 4G cellular networks. So even if Apple gives us a device that streams video other than YouTube and all that, load times could still be slow when a million people are trying to view content at once. Satellite, however, doesn't have this problem. The satellites send a signal, all you need is a device that unscrambles that signal. Sirius already makes a portable player. Could these two satellite titans join forces and create the ultimate media device?

The "Gamepod":

Nintendo Phone
I Got Tired Of Using MS Paint, SO I Took This From The Internet

Your PSP can play movies, surf the internet, and play videogames. The Nintendo DS has dual touchscreens. Your iPhone and Blackberry meanwhile, claim they can play games, but its still not the ultimate gaming experience. Why not create a device with the ergonomics of a portable game system with the functionality of a smartphone?

Yeah yeah, I know:

But that thing is Ugly. If we had given up on an Apple phone after the Motorola Rokr disaster, where would we be today?

A Nintendo or PSP Phone? Are you really gonna tell me that's a bad idea?

Any company interested in following up on these ideas, please contact me. I have no technical expertise, but I'll gladly take a 1 million dollar idea fee.

(plus a lot on the back end)

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