Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gun Control Anyone?

"The Muhs were known to police and have previous arrests..."

Yet they owned a shotgun.

Which they used.

To kill a 7-year-old boy.
The two cars stopped on the county-owned road outside the Muhs' home so one of the boys could go to the bathroom by the side of the road.

That's when, DeFoor said, the couple ran out of their house.

"Sheila Muhs started cursing at them 'Get off our property,'" DeFoor said and fired off at least one round, causing the Jeep, which had started to leave, to veer off the road.

Muhs, he said, then put the shotgun down and chased after the Jeep on her all-terrain vehicle, eventually catching up to it on the levee about 100 yards away, the ATVs headlights pointed at the Jeep.

While that was happening, DeFoor said Gayle Muhs picked up the discarded shotgun and fired at the SUV. DeFoor said the trajectory of that shot showed that the back of the SUV was sprayed with pellets, it's rear window blown out.

"The SUV was in the process to flee," the officer said.

Nelton told the Houston Chronicle that they yelled at the Muhs after the first shot that they had kids in the car and to stop shooting, but another gunshot -- possibly more -- is all they heard in return.
There's a problem in this country when known criminals, who threaten to shoot to kill, are allowed firearms.

You can't tell me that's what our founding fathers wanted.

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