Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just In Case Your Were Fooled By Tina Fey... I Mean Sarah Palin

America's Hottest Governor
Sharing A Cover With Halibut

Sarah Palin gave a pretty riveting speech last night. I have to say, her speechwriters can sure turn a phrase. "In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers, and then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change."

Ooh! You get him Sarah!

Palin spoke a lot about family, seeking to counter perceived attacks against her brood. But as CNN contributor and Democrat Hillary Rosen points out, all of Sarah's talk about family doesn't change the fact that Republican policies are vehemently ANTI-family:
I don't care about how Sarah Palin or John McCain take care of their families. I care about how their policy choices affect my family and millions of other Americans.

McCain and Palin get their health insurance paid for by the government (hers in Alaska and his in Washington). Yet they oppose giving the nearly 46 million uninsured Americans the same access to affordable health care.

John McCain's kids don't have to worry about paying for college. Yet he has opposed every single education support program to help others.

McCain and Palin say they will stand up to oil companies. Yet the only energy policy they support gives millions of dollars in tax breaks to oil companies to do more drilling and he has opposed every piece of federal legislation to explore alternative fuel sources.

McCain and Palin say they will revamp how Washington does business. Yet his campaign is filled with lobbyists and she has cooperated with Sen. Ted Stevens in funneling federal money for useless projects in Alaska for years. And McCain and Palin have no solutions for Americans worrying about their jobs in a fragile economy.

McCain and Palin want us to leave their families alone. Yet they want to make rules for our families by eliminating our right to make our own choices over abortion, eliminate our access to family planning education or domestic partner benefits, and our freedom from discrimination.

They want to control what our kids learn in school about sex and about science. In short, through the policies they promote and the judges they support, they want the government to have more control over our private lives than at any time in history.

McCain and Palin now say their campaign is about change, too. Yet the only real change they have proposed is a change from a suit to a skirt in the vice president's office and one man fighting a misplaced war for another in the Oval Office.
Well put. While the Republicans claim they want "less government," what they actually want to do is make the government MORE INVOLVED in the private lives of American citizens. Your every decision will be subject to a moral standard set by the Republican party. If you're cool with John McCain coming into your hospital room and telling you what to do, then vote for him.

Republicans define "big government" as a government that spends a lot of money. Um... have they been paying attention the last 8 years? The government is BIGGER THAN EVER. The deficit is climbing astronomically. The last time the Democrats were in charge, we had a balanced budget... and oh yeah, the economy was super. It didn't seem like the Democrats formed a goliath government back then.

Sometimes it seems as if the Republicans live in an alternate universe. One where the economy doesn't suck, where the war in Iraq is already won, and where America is safer, stronger, and smarter than ever. Of course, we who actually live in the real world know that none of those things are the case. The Republicans have had not 4, but 8 years to improve this country's standing in the world. Instead, they've pretty much trashed everything.

Don't let McCain, or Palin, or anyone else convince you that shit smells like roses.

Palin's right about one thing. Words are just words. Actions speak louder.

Unfortunately, the actions carried out by 8 years of Bush have left us all begging for earplugs.


Richie said...

Sarah Palin reminds me of that Cincinnati Reds owner in "Major League" (remember?)

Lets not forget her husband is a full-time employee of BP.

I also am a fan that she named her children randomly opening issues of 'Ranger Rick', closing her eyes and pointing to any word, and naming her kid after that said word.

Adam said...

Haha, yeah, any woman who names her kid "Trig" should not be Vice President.

Hot Mama said...

Anyone who was even a little bit worried about Obama's lack of experience should be quaking in their boots over the prospect of Palin being a hearbeat away from the presidency if the heart belongs to a 72 year old McCain. My compliments on an issue oriented and factual analysis of the choices we face in this election.

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