Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fat Cats

More Israel & Egypt stories to come, once I get all my paid work done... But for now, briefly, the cat EVERYONE is talking about:

'Princess Chunk'

Originally called "Princess Chunk" by the press, the 44-pound abandoned kitty was found to be a male-- on live TV, while appearing on Regis & Kelly.

That's gotta be embarrassing.

Apparently her/his real name is Powder. Because like powder, the cat is very light... colored.

According to the director of the animal shelter where Chunk currently resides, an older woman lost her home and could not keep the 10-year-old cat. Gee, I wonder why she could no longer afford her home. What could she possibly have been spending all her money on??

Chunk loves caviar

Must just be the lousy state of the economy.

My sister has declared that she wants to adopt Princess... er.. Captain Chunk at the ealiest opportunity. She'll have to get in line. Chunk-love fever is sweeping the nation, here, here, and here for example. In addition to Regis, the fatty catty has also been on the Today show. And the hungry hairball is scheduled for Good Morning America on Friday. Will Oprah be far behind? I don't have the time or dedication, but can somebody please make a Princess Chunk website, devoted to the fattest of all kitties? The public demands more Chunk.

More pictures here.

She's so... heavy!

Speaking of fat cats, there's a new movie coming about about one in Washington D.C...

It just may be the best movie comedy ever. I can't wait.

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