Friday, June 20, 2008

Off To The Holy Land

I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Israel on a program called Birthright, which, to those non-Jewish readers out there, is a free trip to the promised land. I'll be back July 7th. I know you'll miss me, like you've probably missed me all week, as I ignored the blog in favor of my money-making duties (i.e. my job). But fear not! There's plenty of posts on this blog to keep you entertained in my absence:

Adam's Life Patented Rants: No Smoking & Why Chivalry Is Dead, Sorta

Adam's Life Patented Humoroserious Commentary: Humorous views on Barry Bonds, Cyber-bunnies, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Adam's Life Way To Save The Music Industry: (Note: Music Industry Already Following My Suggestion)

Adam's Life MSN Articles!! Making money for me, informing and entertaining you.

And some non-blog stuff to keep you occupied:

Sickabod Sane, "The Greatest Rapper Ever To Set Foot On This Planet"
Heat Vision & Jack
Scotch Mist: A Film With Radiohead In It
You seriously don't need to watch this whole thing, but it'll give you a pretty good idea about how crazy Lost fanatics are. Overanalysis, much?
Best TV Show. Ever. See Adam Brody in his pre-OC role! Note: Still Seth Cohen.
There's got to be a movie written about this guy.
She can't sing, but oh man is Scarlett Johanssen hot.

And finally, a great movie about the need to not take life so seriously. Edited for content.


Devan said...

Have fun without me =[ and eat lots of falafel and hummus. And be really Jewish!

SUPPAHHH said...

Hey im a random but..
we have the same url :)
well almost
hahahhow cool!

anyways goodluck with life

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