Monday, July 30, 2007

Jewish Fantasy Baseball, Final Standings

Well folks, that's it for the Jewish Fantasy Baseball season. The MLB fantasy game goes into the playoffs this week, and despite some inspiring performances by Elohim's Team, the world's first all-Jewish fantasy squad fell just short of a berth. Weeks 12 and 13 saw two straight losses, but Team Tallis put up a fight in each contest.

The Major League Jews put a scare into the first place Red Rooks, leading them throughout week 12, from Monday until Saturday, when a huge day by Yankees teammates A-Rod and Hideki Matsui finally put Red Rooks on top. The two Yankees had 96 points combined on the week. If either had performed normally, the Joltin' Jews would have snagged an upset. Alas, Adam's Life Sluggin' Semite of the week, Ryan Braun, was only able to put together a super-human performance, rather than a super-super-human one. He finished the week with a 8 - 29, 2B, 2 HR, 4 R, 6 RBI, BB line.

Wait, did I say Ryan Braun was merely a super-human? Not in week 13. He ascended the heights of Mount Sinai and batted .424, with 3 HRs, 6 Rs, 8 RBIs and a stolen base. Kevin Youkilis had a strong week as well, smacking 2 homeruns with 8 runs and 8 RBIs. The two joined slugger David Eckstein and a strong Mets pitching staff to make a 67.5 point Sunday comeback, but the Lovable Levis fell to The Appeasers (again!), 246-214.

The final results of the first ever Chosen Team season? A 3-9 record, 1930.5 total points. 8 games back from first place, in this particular fantasy league's toughest division.

This season's Most Valuable Jew? He started the year in the minors, occupying a bench spot on the Major League Jews for the first few weeks. But when he was called up the the bemah, he made his congregation proud. Our Adam's Life Sluggin Semite of the Year Award goes to Milwaukee Third Baseman Ryan Braun.

Ryan Braun, ALSSOY

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Anonymous said...

It's been ages since i posted here. Been sick, busy etc. There are not many games left this season. It has had it's up's and down's. Meet some new Reds i adore. Meet David Ross again. Knew of him when was a Dodger. Missed Sean Casey a lot. Reds then got rid of Austin Kerns. Seen the Reds 9 times this year at Busch Stadium. Saw the Phillies 3 times. Seen The Astros 3 times. Gonna see the Astros for my 4th time September 13th. Gonna go to games in 2 weeks to see Brian Giles.No idea who will make the playoffs.First Choice Reds. Second Choice Phillies. 3RD Astros. 4TH Choice Padres. Padres just because of Brian Giles, Geoff Blum and Trevor Hoffmann. I hope to at least attend one playoff game. But if the Cards don't make it won't go to any. Because i can't afford to travel. But if i had to choose. I'd rather the Reds win the Central and just have to watch them on tv.Seeing them on tv would be better than them not making the playoffs at all.
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