Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Am Paparazzi (For An Evening)

Robert DeNiro

So I went to the Tribeca Film Festival tonight, I thought to see a screening and maybe interview some celebrities. But somehow, I got put into the pen with the still photographers. Which was the coolest thing ever. Those guys are funny. There was one guy, had to be in his sixties, real character, who kept shouting "Front Page Magazine! Right here. Comes out at 10 PM" to get the star's attention. Don't ask me how, but it worked. And no one knew who Paul Haggis was.

One woman photographer was a real bitch to me. When I asked if she could move her bag so I could stand next to her, she took on a real snarky tone and said, "No, I need this room. I'm not standing sideways for you. Why don't you go stand over there."

I looked to where she was pointing. Clearly no room.

"There's no room there."

"Yes there is."

"I'm looking. There isn't."

"Well you shoulda got here earlier."

Finally, I gave up. One nice guy moved over for me. Moved his bag. Very nice photog. Unlike that bitch. I hope she left her lens cap on.

Met some nice photographers from a Russian newspaper. They were as confused about what to do as I was. But they were Russian. They had an excuse.

My head is still spinning. Celebrities are awesome. I didn't interview anybody or see a movie. But I had a fun time. My girlfriend Petra is comin over soon, so I gotta go.

But here are the pictures:

Tribeca Film Festival 4-25-07

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Laura said...

Great photos! ... and even better comments! I've stumbled upon a similar experience myself, though my pics didn't turn out as well. (That's probably because I back down when up against bitches with big bags.)

Have a fun day!

p.s. - Almost finished with Cat's Cradle. Exquisite. :)

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